Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New York is ending soon.

NYC Travel Dates I AM NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW PROJECTS IN NYC. I AM ONLY TAKING ON SAN DIEGO WORK. TO MY CURRENT NYC PROJECT LIST, I WILL SEE YOU AT DARE DEVIL. UNLESS YOU'VE HEARD OTHERWISE I WILL STILL BE COMPLETING WHAT I HAVE STARTED AND THE FEW NEW HAND FULL OF PROJECTS THAT MY LIMITED TIME IN NYC WILL ALLOW. Thank you to everybody who has been tattooed by me at Dare Devil. Especially to Nick for flying out from England 3 times! Everybody there has been great, putting up with me taking up the entire back room. I've seen a lot of great tattoos done there, from Andre's brilliant Japanese work to Amanda's amazing painterly style. Everybody there is really top notch and I especially want to say thanks to Michelle and all of her crew. I will still be heading to NYC for a few more months, but I am trying to not do any tattooing past April if I can manage. As I am making arrangements with my Fiancee to be back in San Diego/ Southern California full time by the summer of 2010 as we are getting Married in July. Thank you all for your time, TER Anybody that has received an email from me canceling my work I hope you understand. If for any reason I owe you a deposit and we have not started your project in NYC please call me so I can arrange to return your funds to you. 619 307 9433 As far as all my San Diego clients, well it's back to the same old. More tattoos, more fun! Thanks to all of you for putting up with my hectic scheduling over the last year. ________________ NYC Travel Dates June 23rd - July 1st July 20th - July 30th Aug 24th - Sept 3rd Sep 21st - Sept 30th Oct 20th - October 31st Nov 23rd - Dec 4th Dec 21- Dec 31st ( I will not be tattooing during this time, vacation) Jan 19th- Feb 3rd 2010 Feb 16th- Mar 3rd March 21- 31st April 18th- 30th May 17th- 31st ---------------------------- ----------------------------