Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is a Dead Blog. I am no longer using it.

Hello bloggers,

I am no longer using this blog, this is an old blog that I used during my time in NYC. It has long since served it's purpose until I had my new website up and running. My website www.terryribera.com contains my current work, and I now run a wordpress blog imported into the site. If you would like to fallow that blog please refer to my website. www.terryribera.com or my blog http://www.terryribera.com/blog/ I have back working full time in San Diego for the last 9 or 10 months. I am still doing the occassional trip to LA to work with Shawn and Kim at Memoir Tattoo, but mostly I am focusing on San Diego. My wife and I got Married in July, and purchased a house. This will be my final post on blogger and please feel free to find me on my site or face book to keep up with work. http://www.facebook.com/terry.ribera

Farewell Blogger,

Terry Ribera

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I just did this biomechanical hand tattoo with a lotus flower yesterday at Avalon Tattoo II in San Diego on Ryan. He is a local Tattooer at the Workshop. I posted the sketch a couple days ago and here is the final product.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hello my fellow San Diego Tattoo fans. Here's a couple new sketches for some tattoo projects I have coming soon. There's a design of Lotus and Buddha to go on Stephan Max's feet, we will be tattooing his feet at Dare Devil Tattoo Next week. However this week at Avalon Tattoo II I have some new things coming along. Two Japanese chest panels, we are doing a tattoo of a peony flower and a chrysanthemum on Derick's chest. And Finally a cool biomechandical tattoo design for a Tattooer friend and client Ryan. This will be on Ryan's hand, I've tattooed a sleeve on him in the past and now it seems that he wants his hand tattooed as well. I'll be using my Swash Drive Gen 6 machines for a lot of the work. Ryan has been curious about rotary tattoo machines and so far I really Like the Swash Drives. I also have a few fine Rotary Tattoo Machines from San Diego's own Ugly Bill, who makes amazing one of kind tattoo machines. I'll post links to some of his machines later. He stopped by Avalon Tattoo II the other day and it was really hard to resist his two new machines. I am definitely hitting up soon for one more.

All these designs where roughed out on velum, I later used Photo Shop to help illustrate how they might lay out.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Terry Ribera Tattoo ariticle in Skin Deep

Skin Deep is UK's most popular and top selling tattoo Magazine. It was an honor to do an article with them, and to be honest my favorite one to date. This was released this March 2010, however we did the article about a year ago. It took them a while to get it together and ready for print. I am very pleased with the content, there was a lot of engaging questions and just a fun article participate in.

Inked Magaine article with Terry Ribera

Another Tattoo publication. This is more of a lifestyle publication, I did this a couple months ago with Inked. It was published for the March 2010 issue. It's a short one, but a cool read none the less. We talk briefly about the deeper meaning of life and Rubic's cube.

Terry ribera Tattoo Prick Magazine Article

This is a cool industry publication on Tattooing. They featured an article on me in 2009. This is the print version I found a PDF of it online. It has a font error not seen in the printed version, but it saved me the time of scanning it in. You can also see a web version of the article at prickmag.net The layout is simpler for the internet, but the article reads the same.

Terry Ribera International Tattoo Art article

This is the cover of ITA that I had an article in 2009. I don't have the pages as of right now. I'll edit them in later. You can find them for retail if you want to buy back issues on Zinio.com