Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hello my fellow San Diego Tattoo fans. Here's a couple new sketches for some tattoo projects I have coming soon. There's a design of Lotus and Buddha to go on Stephan Max's feet, we will be tattooing his feet at Dare Devil Tattoo Next week. However this week at Avalon Tattoo II I have some new things coming along. Two Japanese chest panels, we are doing a tattoo of a peony flower and a chrysanthemum on Derick's chest. And Finally a cool biomechandical tattoo design for a Tattooer friend and client Ryan. This will be on Ryan's hand, I've tattooed a sleeve on him in the past and now it seems that he wants his hand tattooed as well. I'll be using my Swash Drive Gen 6 machines for a lot of the work. Ryan has been curious about rotary tattoo machines and so far I really Like the Swash Drives. I also have a few fine Rotary Tattoo Machines from San Diego's own Ugly Bill, who makes amazing one of kind tattoo machines. I'll post links to some of his machines later. He stopped by Avalon Tattoo II the other day and it was really hard to resist his two new machines. I am definitely hitting up soon for one more.

All these designs where roughed out on velum, I later used Photo Shop to help illustrate how they might lay out.